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My only knitting project to date

So I know this blog’s primarily about crochet however I thought I’d share my only knitting project that I have managed to finish…

In October last year my new husband and I went to Orlando for our honeymoon. Of course we did all the necessary theme parks while we were there, including Universal Studios for The Wizarding World of Harry Potter (I love Harry Potter!). After having been told that Olivanders could be likened to McDonalds in that it should be thought of as a franchise (was this guy for real?) we were ushered into a souvenir shop where a sales woman offered to ‘match us with a wand’ (surely the wand chooses the wizard?).

I loved the souvenirs, but we were on a limited budget for spends. So, in my wisdom I suggested that we buy a couple of the ‘house’ patches, which kids had their parents iron onto their robes, and I would make us a scarf each. This would mean a lot more to both of us than buying one anyway. My husband chose Hufflepuff (claiming that Hufflepuff don’t get enough credit!) and I chose Gryffindor (of course!).

I decided that knitting the scarf would give a nicer look than crocheting the scarf, however after my childhood rages of not being able to knit I was unsure if I could do it. I decided to give it a go anyway when I got home and purchased my needles and yarn for the Hufflepuff scarf. My mum showed me what to do however I found it really strange with there not being a hook a the end! The yarn kept slipping off etc, I dropped stitches (which my mum was able to correct quickly) but i started to knit ok. Then I would go home thinking id be ok but i’d drop a stitch again and then have to run round to my Mums again for her to fix it (until I discovered how to fix it using a crochet hook). And so this went on for a couple of days until I just about had the hang of it.

As I was knitting I realised that the scarf was starting to curl. I had used stockinette stitch thinking that the scarf would look better in this, but it was only when I noticed it curling that I read about it online that it was the construction of the stitch which makes it curl. Well I wasn’t starting the thing again in a different stitch, not a chance! So i persevered with it thinking I’d be able to press it when it was done.

One of the things which surprised me was how long the thing actually took to make. Yes I know it was my first knitting project, but even so. Originally the plan was for me to have it completed by my husband’s birthday in November. However my deadline was soon extended to December when I calculated just how much time it was going to take to finish it. At this point I’m thinking it would have been easier to just buy the bloody scarves!

After muchos hours of blood, sweat, tears and tantrums (seriously) I finished the scarf on Christmas eve. I pressed the scarf (or ‘killed’ it, as it’s acrylic, which by the way wasn’t a permanent fix), sewed on the house badge and added a nice fringe. Hubby had seen me making the scarf but hadn’t seen it finished and so I wrapped it up for Christmas day. When he opened it he was surprised at how professional it looked, however after all the hours and frustration it took to make the damn thing if he’d have said anything else, there’d have been trouble!

So, the Gryffindor scarf has yet to be created, however I think I will try and crochet it instead somehow. Although its probably going to be a while before i start it as i’m still recovering from this one! Will I try knitting again? Well, I’d never say never but it’s not likely, it angers me too much!

Below: the completed Hufflepuff scarf!



8 comments on “My only knitting project to date

  1. Jeyna Grace
    April 26, 2012

    Nice!! You should do more and sell them!

    • J6891
      April 26, 2012

      Thank you! Just a personal project though and that’s if I get round to doing the Gryffindor scarf!

  2. lifeofcowie
    April 26, 2012

    Wow! This is great. I’d love to be able to knit like that!

    • J6891
      April 26, 2012

      Thank you. The edges aren’t that straight but I was pleased with it in the end!

  3. geniuswords
    April 27, 2012

    This is amazing! I just never have the time to knit myself anything – I’ve had a scarf on the go for about 2 years now! Now I wish I’d bought some house patches at the WB Harry Potter Studio Tour, so I could make one myself. πŸ™‚

    • J6891
      April 27, 2012

      Thank you. Yes I think scarves do take a long time, especially if you’re a noob. They’re probably quick if you’re experienced but it certainly took a lot longer than I realised, probably about 40 hours in total!

      • geniuswords
        April 27, 2012

        Wow! Only 40 hours?… 😦 Then again, I don’t get time to knit in great blocks of time. πŸ™‚

  4. geniuswords
    April 30, 2012

    Ahhh. Deleted your comment on my blog post about lifeofcowie by accident, because I deleted the post by accident and then re-posted it. Sorry 😦

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