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A fabulous iPad app for gathering research and inspiration

So before I start to make my Special Care Baby clothes I thought I’d take a look at the current market, see whats available in shops as made up items already, and what’s available as patterns.

I tend to do a lot of my research on my iPad, either on an evening whilst I’m sat in front of the TV, or on my lunch hour at work. Because of this I needed an easy way to collate all my research together. I love ravelry.com and have lots of patterns added to my favourites but can’t filter through all of my favourites to find just the baby clothes (I don’t think?). Enter ‘Moodboard Lite’, an iPad app that allows you to crop images from within it’s in-built browser AND it remembers the link! This is great because it means you can see all your research and patterns on one board and then click on it for the app to take you directly to original page.

You can organise all your research onto one board, scale images, rotate them, add text and even colour swatches! What a great app! I’ve only used the lite version but will definitely upgrade to the pro version. The lite version only allows one board where I believe the pro version you can create as many boards as you want an organise them.

The only thing I’m not keen on is that I had to allow location to import images from my own photo gallery. Then LO and behold I was presented with a location-based offer/scam when using the in -built browser. This is the only thing that disappointed me about the app though, lost some of my trust almost.

This is my first moodboard, not very creative at all, but I will definitely be creating more as part of my own thought processes!



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