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Vogue Knitting – Crochet Edition 2012

122 Pages of Awesomeness!

I’ve only been on WordPress for a few weeks now, but in scouting various other blogs I heard about a so-called edition of Vogue Knitting.

Lesson 1 I didn’t even realise there was a special ‘knitting’ edition of vogue!

Lesson 2 I don’t think (I could be wrong) this is available in the UK, but I was kindly sent this link which contains information about an iPad app so you can download a digital version.

Aces! So I’ve downloaded the magazine and LOVE IT! It’s not only PACKED with fabulous patterns but it contains useful and interesting articles from crochet designers and artists!

One article, The Fine Art of Crochet, interviews Jo Hamilton, who crochets portraits using chain stitch! This has definitely given me food for thought as I have recently been thinking of combining my drawing skills (see this post) with crochet since getting lots of lovely feedback on my drawings.

In addition to this, the magazine contains videos of the pattern items, so you can see the item from all angles before you decide to crochet it!

Would I prefer a hard copy? Absolutely! Whilst being able to download the digital magazine has been brilliant, with it not being available in the UK (I think), I still find it easier to read a printed magazine. I can read a printed magazine in the bath or on the bus. OK, I could read my iPad on the bus but don’t for security reasons. So, if anyone knows anywhere in the UK where I can buy a hard copy of this magazine, please let me know!

Otherwise, visit the Vogue Knitting Store for information on downloading the digital version.


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