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Versatile Blogger Award


I’d like to thank craftsbythesea and byhookorbypen for nominating me for the versatile blogger award. I’ve only been blogging for a little over a month and so I’m glad that people are finding my blog interesting!

The rules of receiving the Versatile Blogger Award are as follows…

Nominees must: Tell seven things about themselves, pass the award on to 15 other blogs and thank the person who nominated them for the award. Also no one is obligated to take the award, so don’t feel you have to accept it.

Seven things about me…

1. My day job is web development
2. I have two dogs that are whippets crossed with who knows what else!
3. I love to dance, especially love tap dancing!
4. My favourite fruit is strawberries
5. I’m addicted to Olives!
6. I love Harry Potter, despite not being bothered to read past the first page when I first picked up Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. Now I love the books, the film and the hubby bought me the latest scene it for my birthday!
7. Another hobby of mine is drawing, though I haven’t picked up a pencil in a little over a year

My nominations in no particular order…

Musings of a Stylista



Doris Chan Crochet

Marcaritaville’s Blog

Diane Gets Crafty


madaboutgreys PHOTOGRAPHY

Effie the Whippet



Genius Words

Home Heart and Hook

The Daily Bubble Tea

Life of Cowie


7 comments on “Versatile Blogger Award

  1. J. G. Burdette
    June 7, 2012

    Congratulations on getting two awards at one time!

  2. Todd Alperovitz
    June 10, 2012

    Thanks for the nomination!

  3. madaboutgreys
    June 10, 2012

    Congratulations! and thank you for nominating me too.

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  5. crochethappy
    June 12, 2012

    Congrats! I don’t think I can accept the nomination… because I looked, and almost everyone I’d nominate has already been nominated! I don’t think I can come up with 15.
    I love your blog. 🙂

    • J6891
      June 13, 2012

      Lol no worries and thank you very much for your kind words!

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