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Hooked By Me :: My First Crocheted Top :: The Avalon Top

It was two and a half months in the making and finally, finally, my first crocheted top was complete at the end of May! Unfortunately the only images which I have to offer are flat images (I.e without me wearing it), as due to pregnancy it doesn’t fit me anymore! I think I got all of 2 wears out of it…. Oh well, something to aim for after the baby is born… To slim down and fit back into a top which took over 2 months to make!


The top which I created was called the Avalon Top, designed by Doris Chan. You can find the pattern, for free, here.

The yarn recommended for this was a microdenier acrylic / bamboo blend. However, when I found the pattern I already had a yarn that I’d intended on using which I frogged from another project I couldn’t get on board with. That yarn was a double knit 100% cotton. As I found this pattern whilst searching for DK patterns, I figured I’d give this a go.


My thoughts on the pattern
I found the pattern fairly easy really, although there were a couple of areas that I had to re-read a couple of times to make sure I’d got it right. There were also a couple of places where I thought I’d gone wrong, but it worked out ok in the end. If you’re interested, I kept a diary of my progress on this project over at ravelry. Click here to view this. My notes seemed to help 1 person and so if you decide to do this pattern for yourself, maybe they will help you too!

Overall I loved the pattern. Doris Chan is a great designer and I would definitely do another one of her patterns.


My thoughts on the yarn
I liked working with this yarn. It wasn’t slippy to work with and it didnt split when working with it either. I would definitely use this yarn again for another project. For this project, however, I think that the yarn used is maybe a bit too heavy. I’m not sure, but it doesn’t seem to drape as nicely as the one in the picture on the pattern, but I guess there’s always going to be a difference when you substitute a yarn.

To summarise, I am very happy with my completed top. There are a couple of things which I can see aren’t quite right, but generally I’m happy with it. Despite the fact that I haven’t blocked it yet, I’ve worn it out twice and I guess if you wear a garment you’ve made outside the house, you must be proud of it!


2 comments on “Hooked By Me :: My First Crocheted Top :: The Avalon Top

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  2. Twisted Fibers
    November 20, 2012

    It’s super gorgeous! Love it 🙂

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