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My first post in… HOW LONG?!

I know, I know… I am slack as! This is my first post in… Over 3 months? Wow! That is shocking! I do apologise!

However… I do have my reasons. Or, one big reason! I’ve kinda had a lot of other things on my plate as I found out that we’re expecting our first baby! I know that shouldn’t be an excuse…. I should be crocheting baby clothes like I’ve never crocheted before… But I’ve just been so tired. I’m hoping that my crochet productivity will pick up.

So, I haven’t actually done an awful lot over the last few months, but here is an update of my latest…

Doris Chan’s Avalon Top

This was completed back in May! And in writing this post, I came across a draft post in my WordPress app which I had already created about this… Read this here

Special Care Baby Project

I managed to create a few hats in different colours and sizes…



The yarn I used for the above was White Whispers. This yarn is lovely and soft, it’s just a shame the colour range is a bit limited.

The hats will be delivered to the special care baby unit on my next visit to the hospital.

Matinee Coat


I have created a Matinee Coat for my brother in law’s new baby, which is due any day. The pattern is a vintage pattern I believe my Grandma gave me. I’ve yet to sew on the buttons so will post about this when complete!

So there you have it… My complete lack of productivity in the last 5 months! Oh well… I’m sure it’ll pick up. Projects for the next couple of months include… Some kind of baby clothing item as a gift for our friends baby due just before Christmas, small Christmas gift items and of course, some baby clothes for our own baby which is due in February. We didn’t find out the sex… So any links to neutral style baby clothes patterns are very much appreciated as they are so hard to find!


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